On the Journey to Create…with Paint!

So I’ve been asked to embark on an independent learning project. It took some time and thought about what I should tackle. I thought about several options, however, did not have the necessary supplies readily available. Alas, I finally decided on something….painting!

I have always had a great interest in painting. The way some artists could capture a sunset of a perfect night  or the majestic horse in the pasture was so breathtaking and inspiring for me. I actually have told myself that I would learn to paint the perfect sunset before but unfortunately never carried through. So, here I am, carrying through!

After deciding upon painting, I specifically decided on watercolor and acrylic. Thus, I ventured to Hobby Lobby to gather a few additional supplies. Has anyone ever made a complete trip to Hobby Lobby is under 15 minutes? I mean, really? That store just draws you in and you have to browse and dream and plan for your future house. Tell me I’m not the only one….

Anyway, I have my supplies and my game plan. Once I was ready, I spread all my supplies out to begin. It looked a little like this :


Supplies complete with my iced tea and color changing straw….I’m a kid at heart!

Now I’m all ready to paint! I did spend some time researching technique and tips. The information was informative and sounded good, if I knew what it meant! Thus, I decided to learn by simply doing. I have made up my mind to try, experiment, and try again until I am able to create something beautiful!

As I made my first attempt to paint with watercolor, I was reminded of why I chose painting. It is peaceful and relaxing. It provided a great break from my busy week. I was inspired by the colors and brush movements. Painting allowed me to express myself and my interests.

I find myself constantly relating anything I can to my classroom. So it came as no surprise when I did the same with painting. It got me thinking about the freedom that painting, and also crafts and creativity in general, can give to people. How important it is to incorporate and teach students to express themselves through the arts. Art is something that can be complicated or simple. It is relaxing and freeing while also providing inspiration. Art truly is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing aspects of life.


Photo CC – By Kate Ter Haar

I was a band geek in high school and I can say, some of my favorite memories from high school happened with my band family. So I already know of and have experienced the benefits that the arts provide. It has been proven that arts help students perform better in the core subjects.

I also think learning to paint will provide inspiration for me to incorporate as much of the arts as possible in my classroom. Learning to paint will show me both the innocence and impact of learning a trade of the arts.

Back to my learning progress, an important part of becoming an artist is my signature. I must sign my pieces so my fans will know my work. I needed something that said I was confident, capable, yet also humble. It took a few tries before I decided on one that encompassed all I wanted to say. The following is my practice sheet…it’s harder than you might be thinking!


Once I picked my favorite signature, I decided to attempt my first painting in watercolor. I thought a colorful pond scene at sunset was a good place to start. I know, I could have picked something simpler like an umbrella or a chair. However, because the perfect sunset is the ultimate goal, I thought this worked. The following is my creation, signature and all! I’ve got a ways to go but I think its not too bad, if I do say so myself!

Should you be seeking a bit of entertainment in your life, follow my blog to stay in the loop of my painting progress. I am aiming to paint different pictures each week to practice and improve my technique.


I think I’ll call this : “Sunset Pond”



A Girl Embarking on a Journey to Learn to Paint!


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8 thoughts on “On the Journey to Create…with Paint!

  1. I love this idea! My mom is very creative but sadly did not pass on those genes to me. I have always thought about how great it would be to actually have a creative bone in me but no such luck. I am excited to see your progress and where you go from here!

  2. You are inspiring me to attempt painting with this blog! I love that you shared your work with us! I can’t wait to see your progress.

  3. Love this so much! I’ve been painting some this summer too and absolutely loving it. I have no art background at all, so everything is very new. I have found some amazing videos on YouTube that cover all kinds of techniques.

    • Yes! So far, its been great! Thanks for the YouTube tip! I actually was thinking it would be great to be able to watch someone and then try, something books can’t offer. I’ll look into that this week!

  4. I really loved painting when I was in art class in highschool because colors and how they can interact to create a beautiful image has always fascinated me. What kind of style are you going to focus on in your painting? Are you going to do more representational or abstract? Are you going to focus more on nature scenes and landscapes or are there other images that you are interested in portraying?

    • I did too! I took one art class my first year but then stopped because I didn’t have time. I guess I’m going to do more representational and definitely nature scenes. I’m thinking more Western scenes. I have also thought about horses and rodeos. I’d also like to experiment with different silhouettes. Lighting and shading is the thing that will definitely take the most time and practice. I’ve always struggled with shading.

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