New Adventures! : ILP Update

Week #2 : ILP — Painting

Well, this week contained some adventures!

  1. Tried a new technique with watercolor
  2. Completed my first acrylic painting
  3. Got the opportunity to view a Competitive Art Show
  4. Discovered a new art technique


1 — New Watercolor Technique: Salt

I actually learned about this technique in one of my previous classes and was              fascinated with the effect that salt has on watercolor. Now, mind you, mine did not turn out as cool as some of my classmates. So, I thought I’d like to give it another go!

Well, it worked and it didn’t. When I started the painting, I didn’t exactly have a direction in mind. I started with a nice, dark colored background, to which I sprinkled salt. I watched as the salt spread and distorted the color, if that makes sense. I love the texture and movement the salt gives the piece.  I got excited, a little too excited, because I proceeded to sprinkle more salt and got a little carried away….


Anyway, the painting turned into a dark-ish night with a bright moon shining on a silhouette praying at a cross. I learned to not add too much salt and would like to try again, so you may see another watercolor with salt in the future.



2 — First Acrylic

Having been motivated and inspired by the rodeo which recently was in town, I painted the arena located in my hometown.

A little tidbit of history on the featured rodeo arena: The Wild West Arena is the home to the annual Buffalo Bill Rodeo. The rodeo is named for Col. William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody who started the first organized rodeo in 1882. The Wild West Arena is located just next to the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park, the original land Cody owned and built his house and ranch on which is now a state park. (For more info on Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show or “Old Glory Blowout”, click here and here. For more info on the state park, click here.)


I had fun with this painting. I was inspired by the thrill of the rodeo and great history in my hometown. I’ve got to work on my details but it;s a good start!





3 —  Competitive Art Show

Located at a local art gallery in my hometown, many art pieces were on display. Most of the pieces revolved around The West and western culture. There were acrylics, watercolors, wood works, oils, pastels, sculptures, photography, and mixed medias. It was great to view the various pieces from local artists. And an inspiration to continue on my painting journey!


4 — New Art Technique

While at the Art Show, I noticed several pieces in which the artists used a technique they


                                                            Examples of alcohol ink art                      Photo CC – By June Campbell

called “alcohol ink.” In these pieces, the artist used ink based markers, like sharpies, to draw an image or scene. Then, using rubbing alcohol and an eye dropper, they drop the alcohol on the ink and watch as the alcohol disperses the ink and color creating a really neat, marble-y effect. The pieces were awesome. My favorite was a sea turtle. The artist also used cool colors like blues and greens which gave the piece great aesthetics.

I was very inspired and thought I could give it a try. So, stay tuned for my attempt at alcohol ink!


Overall, quite an exciting week for my ILP! I am glad to have learned and have had this week’s opportunities.

Tune in next week for another update. Hopefully, more acrylic and watercolor pieces as well as an alcohol ink piece! I look forward to bringing you more joy and entertainment!



A Girl Embarking on a Journey to Learn to Paint!


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10 thoughts on “New Adventures! : ILP Update

  1. This is such a great idea! I love especially how you write about each specific technique and how it’s done so we can follow you in your learning! The pictures are definitely an added bonus, too.

  2. This is such a fun idea. I think that you will keep learning more and more each and every day. I have never heard of alcohol ink so I am interested in learning more about it. Great pictures!

  3. Your independent learning project is really cool! I am not artistic at all and could never paint as well as you! Alcohol ink sounds like a really interesting interesting thing to use. I liked the history you shared. I absolutely love history, and I think it is great that you painted something that is historical! What other kinds of things do you enjoy painting?

    • Thanks! I love history too and have always loved the history in my hometown! I’m working my way up to some horses and maybe some horse and riders, as well as more rodeo. I also would like to try some more sky scenes. Thanks for your interest and comment!

  4. This is such a fun idea to learn how to do! You’re doing such a great job at putting yourself out there to learn different techniques in the painting world! In just the past week you have made so many new learning experiences. Awesome!

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