The Daily Create Updates

Alrighty, people of the internet! This is the place to find the first half of my completed daily create assignments and challenges.

Each day for the next 10 days I will be completing a challenge. The Daily Create comes through ds106 in an effort to help me better my skills in using technology and challenge my creativity. New assignments are posted everyday and shared with online community. Categories for the assignments include writing, photography, drawing, audio, and video.

So, thanks for joining me!


Day 1:

#dctdc1626 : Writing Left of the Cutting Room Floor

Find a famous literary quote (idealy by a famous literary person) and create something that shows the first draft versions that did not make the cut. Like the notes the writer might have done on a sketch pad.

I choose to use a quote from The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Here is mine:   Literary Quote


Day 2:

#tdc1634 : Print Out a YouTube Video

Ok. So printing out a YouTube video? Maybe not (yet?). But a nifty “bookmarklet” for your web browser can create a storyboard-ish collage-ey kind of thing which, we guess, you could print out. If you wanted.

But this is the Daily Create. So, why not just share it online and save a few trees.

First, read more about the bookmarklet (and drag the bookmarklet to your tool bar).

Second, find a video. Probably, the stranger, the better. But you already knew that.

Finally, use the bookmarklet to reverse engineer the video and share it out as an image file.

Bonus points for filtering and messing with the image

I chose to print out the introduction song from one of my favorite childhood shows – Cyberchase.

Here it is: Cyberchase.jpg


Day 3:

Some photos just seem to cry out for a wad of giant capitalized text messages. Make a meme image out of this chicken in a cart that expresses a deep philosophical message.

I chose to use a message that spoke of the chicken’s self-confidence and self-image.

Here it is: 16rzlj

Day 4:

SoMa? NoPa? NOBE? SoHo? SoFla? SoDoSoPa? What would be the “acroname” of your neighborhood?

Make a poster! Or do an audio bumper? You choose. Make it hip. Hipster.

My hometown is North Platte so I took the beginning of both words.

Here it is: IMG_2169.JPG


Day 5:

Use one of the many Cowboy / Cowgirl name generators that google knows of to find your Cowboy/Cowgirl name.

Record an audio or short video where you introduce your cowboy / cowgirl self to the world.

Okay, now be nice. I’m not all that experienced in making videos but here it is:

Cowgirl Name Introduction : click here to see the video!

Day 6:

What has made you happy recently? represent three of them in some kind of media form (photo collage, drawing, video, animated GIF), and tweet it specifically to one person (in addition to everyone else).

I chose to create a collage featuring my family during our recent family vacation in the mountains, a picture of my two cute, favorite dogs, and a cup of good coffee at a local favorite breakfast joint!

Enjoy my collage! :IMG_2191.JPG

Day 7:

So you had a plan. Things changed. What was your Defining Moment?

Write, cartoon, video or gif your way toward explaining that moment clearly.  Graduations, hospital stays, and weddings might be easier because of the iconic dress, but how will you show that universal experience uniquely YOUR Defining Moment. Don’t underestimate the power of a thoughtful blog post.

So, I thought I would write a blog post for this daily create since I haven’t completed any writing challenges.

What is my defining moment?

When I look back upon my journey to where I stand today, I am amazed. I am amazed that God has allowed me to discover a passion for doing something with my life.I mean, really doing something.

For me, I knew I wanted to have a career and family, in that order. However, I seemed to be having difficulty figuring out what that career was going to be.

And then I found myself sitting in Intro to Teaching class at MPCC.


Here I am looking forward to my future at CSC and beyond after graduating MPCC!

And a few weeks later then I found myself volunteering in a preschool classroom to log a required 15 hours.And then I found myself in love with being in the classroom. So much so, that I stayed in that same classroom the entire semester, logging about 4x the required 15 hours.

It was then that I realized what I was going to devote my life to. It was then that I realized I had found a job I could love. It was then that I realized I was going to spend my life making a difference. I realized I was going to spend my life being somebody for children who so badly needed someone on their team. I was going to spend my life being a model, cheerleader, explorer, engineer, and creator. Most importantly, however, I realized I was going to spend my life being a teacher.


Day 8:

#tdc1640 : Do a @zefrank YoungMeNowMe Photograph

Recreate yourself in same pose, if possible, same setting, as a childhood photo, and show them side by side.

Here ya go : IMG_2217.JPG


Day 9:

#tdc1641 : Oh…Yeah…

How about an “Oh … Yeah …” audio create? Push “record” on your audio player, and give us your best and most dramatic “Oh … Yeah …” and then share it out.

Click here to hear mine!



Day 10:

#tsc1642 : Today is an international day of…invent a holiday

Everyday has a memorable theme- make yours into a new international holiday and make some art about that theme.

I chose my dogs’ and I’s favorite afternoon activity….napping!

July 7th is International Dog Nap Day!



Please continue to The Daily Create Updates (part 2) for the second half of my updates.


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