New Technique : ILP Update

Its been an interesting week in terms of my ILP.

This week I completed a watercolor, acrylic, and attempted alcohol ink painting.

First, I’ll talk about alcohol ink painting because, well, just because I want to get that out of the way.


My favorite alcohol ink creations

So, I get all my supplies including new sharpies. Then, I looked up YouTube videos on how to complete an alcohol ink painting. In the several videos I watched, people took apart the sharpies and put the ink sponge into rubbing alcohol and let it sit. As it set, it sort of steeped and the intensity grew. They then used the colored alcohol ink to create a picture, often tilting the paper to get the neat runs in the painting.


My not-so favorite alcohol ink creations

Well, I decided that I didn’t exactly want to completely take apart my new sharpies. So, I sort of improvised. I stuck to abstract painting. I grabbed a sharpie and colored on the paper and then immediately added rubbing alcohol. The effect was cool but not as cool as actual alcohol ink painting. I cut the paper into smaller chunks so I could experiment more. It didn’t turn out exactly like I was picturing but perhaps I will try again next week.

Now, on to my acrylic. I chose a country scene.


(Please excuse my bad photography skills)                               “Red Barn Door”

I love old barns. I love red barns. So, this week I painted a red barn with white fence and a nice blue sky. I tried to concentrate on the small details more. I tried to think about the perspective; you know, the idea of objects getting smaller the farther away they are. I’m happy with my red barn and trees.


“Sunset Ocean”



Probably my favorite painting this week is my watercolor. I steered away from my go-to western and country and went to beach. I painted a small beach along an ocean with a vibrant and colorful sunset. I just like to use pretty colors. I like being able to use three different shades of blue in the ocean and reds, oranges, yellows, and purples in the sunset. Combined they look so relaxing and beautiful.

I’d like to think I made some progress this week. I’m learning to include more detail and not be afraid to add personal touches. But at the same time, I’m learning not everything has definite lines.

I think I’ve also discovered that I prefer watercolor over acrylic. I feel like I have more freedom and can be more creative because I can always add water to change or dilute the color.

Next week, I’m thinking I’ll go in yet another direction.

In my watercolor, I enjoyed the freedom to use different shades and to layer the colors.

So, next week I’d like to try abstract. I plan to go into my paintings without an exact image in mind and see where my brush takes me.

Check back next week to see what art I get myself into!



A Girl Potentially Becoming an Artist…


2 thoughts on “New Technique : ILP Update

  1. Such a fun ILP. I really like your beach painting and it sounds like you learned a lot during this week. At the summer camp I’m working at we recently at campers use permenant makers (sharpies) to draw a design of their choice on plain white t-shirts. We then sprayed the shirts with rubbing alcohol and let them dry. The end result was pretty cool, kind of tye dye like and the campers loved it. I share this story because it sounds a lot like the alcohol ink painting you attempted. I hope you try this technique again and are able to figure out what works for you. Great post!

    • Thanks! That sounds cool! I also thought about trying a similar technique but on coasters. The tutorial video turned out pretty neat. I do think I want to try it again maybe just on a different material. Thanks for reading and sharing your story!

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