Have You Googled You?

Stop: Have you read my last post “Leading Generations in Digital Citizenship“? If not, read here.

Okay, so you’ve read my last post. Thanks! (This post will tie in, I promise)

A little recap : digital citizenship is important. It is in your best interest to be kind with what you post online. Also, be conscious of who may view what you post and what your online presence says of who you are as a person in real life.


Photo CC By Carlos Luna

With all that in mind, I did something today.

I googled myself.

And let me just preface this with, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.


Photo CC By Jurgen Appelo

The first listing is for Facebook profiles of people named Cara Sanchez. Oddly enough, I looked through all 5 pages of Facebook’s suggested profiles and none of them were me. So, I guess that means I am not exactly active on my Facebook page since I was not chosen to make the list. This is true, however, I rarely post anything except to promote my blog.


Next, there are images for the name “Cara Sanchez.” If you click to see more images, you


Photo CC By Jurgen Appelo

will find the second one is my Twitter profile picture. Clicking on the link takes you to my twitter page. I only have one Twitter account because I previously knew nothing about Twitter and tweeting. Viewers can see all of my tweets, who I follow, and my followers. I have it set this way to better connect with my PLN. Currently, my twitter is my most actively used social media account.



Photo CC By Jurgen Appelo

Among the other results, you will find a link to my Pinterest page. You can also see my profile picture several images down on the images page. Clicking on the link or picture will take you to my Pinterest page with my boards. Anyone can view or follow my boards which consists mainly of teaching ideas and activities as well as food! I also have boards for different holidays, a couple for craft ideas, and of course, one for coffee!


Some of the other results were interesting to look at. Apparently, there are several different Cara Sanchez’s in the world. There were results for YouTube accounts and some websites I really have no clue about like LinkedIn, Spokeo, and Ripoff Report? I followed the link for the latter and apparently someone calling themselves Cara Sanchez made some people mad so they posted their grievances and warn others on that website. It’s too bad they gave my name a bad rap!

Looking at the results of my googling, I would say the lack of information could be seen as mostly positive. I think it says that I care about what I post online. I hope it says that I am responsible, kind, and humble online.

My future employers may not be able to learn much about me from googling me but hopefully they will take more time to learn about me in person.


Photo CC By Herkko Hietanen

Now, have you googled you?






A Girl Who Lives Her Life Offline


2 thoughts on “Have You Googled You?

  1. Cara, I really enjoyed your post “Leading Generations in Digital Citizenship.” Isn’t it crazy to think how much of our personal information can be found on the internet? We always have to be careful about what we share and it’s important to teach our students that as well. I wish I was “off the grid” so to speak kind of like you are when it comes to Facebook but I love it too much! It’s a great way to stay in touch with old friends and family. Great post!

    • It really is crazy how much info is online! I think Facebook and other social media sites are great for staying connected, I just find I run out of time in my day! I do find myself “facebooking” someone if I want to catch up or find something out about them sometimes. Thanks for the read and comment!

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