The Daily Create Updates (part 2)

Alrighty, people of the internet! This is the place to find the second half of my completed daily create assignments and challenges.

Each day for the next 10 days I will be completing a challenge. The Daily Create comes through ds106 in an effort to help me better my skills in using technology and challenge my creativity. New assignments are posted everyday and shared with online community. Categories for the assignments include writing, photography, drawing, audio, and video.

So, thanks for joining me!


Day 11:

#tdc1643 : You and Your Shadow

You know how Peter Pan lost his shadow? You likely still have yours (unless you’re some sort of weird vampire, which is possible).

Take a photo of your shadow in some interesting pose, and share it out. That way, if you ever lose your shadow, you will know what it looks like. You’re welcome.

If you see my shadow around, send it back to me! Look for something like this : IMG_2239


Day 12:

#tdc1644 : Let’s Make a Crappy Book Cover

Anna Hoyle paints Fantasy book covers, one of which is called “Let make more crappy art”

Have a look and draw or paint your own cover, crappy or not.

I created mine in word document using shapes. I chose one of the worst color possible.

Here it is: FullSizeRender(2)


Day 13:

#tdc1645 : Write a Short Story

Write the unexpected short story that leads to this moment…FullSizeRender(4).jpg

You know you’re my best bud!


Yes! Now, smile! Look, at the banana!


Day 14:

#tdc1478 : Create a Tribute for Early 20th Century Bronc Rider Bonnie McCarroll

Create some kind of media that celebrates the spirit of an early female rodeo performer.

I found a quote by Maribeth Shanley which I thought epitomized the culture and spirit of early cowgirls as well as cowgirls today. (I used PixTeller which is an awesome tool for creating posters and banners!)

Here it is: http___www.pixteller.com_pdata_t_l-454387


Day 15:

#tdc1647 : C64 Yourself

Make yourself a retro computer portrait! The C64 Yourself site converts any image into something that would look at home on a Commodore 64 screen.

I had fun with this so I did a few different pictures. Check them out:


Day 16:

#tdc1648 : Do Your Most Serious, Critical Face Selfie

Here’s my “Did you really just do that?” face followed by my “Are you sure you wanted to do that?” face. Watch out!


Day 17:

#tdc1649 : Make Continuous Line Art

Vacuum cleaners, blenders, lawn mowers, disposals… can you find a way to make a musical sound from them?

Oh no DRAWING! You can draw, trust us. See what you can create in one continuous line, no picking up the pen, cursor.

You might have to think about it first! See it in your head. Or copy something you see in your view.

My attempt includes a tree and flowers next to a small pond with tall weeds around it. There is also a small turtle on the pond. So, here it is: IMG_2272


Day 18:

#tdc1550 : Oh No! We Missed #NationalDogDay Do a Puppy Video!

Never mind. We don’t need an excuse to celebrate puppies. Make a video.

Enjoy a video of my dogs dancing for a treat! Starring : Angel and Sara! (:


Day 19:

#tdc1651 : Introduce Yourself in a Language You Do Not Speak

Choose a language you absolutely don’t speak.

Go to google translate and have it translate "Hello, my name is <your name>. I am okay.". Now listen to the pronunciation of the translation and repeat it yourself as often as necessary to be able to repeat it yourself.

Record yourself speaking the translated foreign text and save the audio on the web e.g. on Soundcloud where it’s accessible for others.


Day 20:

#tdc1397 : Anny Cow the researcher

My friend professor Caritat is very curious about your purposes. So, can you write a 6 line poem about your purpose for life? We will analyse the results and publish a non-binary report on ‘How to have a life purpose’.


Well, I finished 20 days! Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I enjoyed it more than I initially thought I would!


2 thoughts on “The Daily Create Updates (part 2)

  1. I’m loving all your creates! My favorite one was the quote you attached to the cowgirl picture! This DS106 project has actually been more fun that I ever thought it would be! Keep up the great work!

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