New Style : ILP Update

Hey all!


Isn’t this just beautiful? Photo CC By Karsun Designs

This week has been a busy one. Also, because of the holiday (God Bless America!) I have had absolutely no idea of what day it is…

Anyway, in terms of my Independent Learning Project – Painting, its been a fun week!

This week, I tried my hand at abstract painting. Two of my painting were actually inspired by 1) a storm and 2) me!

Let’s get to the paintings!

First up, my watercolor abstract. Having decided last week that watercolor is the medium I prefer, I was excited to complete this one.

A little backstory on the painting first. We got quite a threatening and severe storm midweek. It was also strange. It seemed to come out of nowhere but it came with a vengeance. There were weird clouds, crazy lightening, booming thunder, tornado sirens, and ridiculous winds! Thankfully, no one was injured, however, some trees and light poles did not fair as well. IMG_2242.JPG

My inspiration for my painting came from the weird clouds. At one point during the storm (while I was standing outside watching it – its a Nebraska thing) the sky was literally split. The West side was dark, mysterious, and troubled while the East was a beautiful blue, normal, and un-bothered by the incoming doom. There was a literal line down the sky – one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.

So, as you can see in my painting, I made one side darker while the other was lighter. The added greens, reds, and purples are additions to balance and include other colors.


Next up, my acrylic painting. Painting with acrylic feels more permanent to me. Its not as easy to flow the color with the brush. I’m working to feel more comfortable with using acrylic. IMG_2240

The only thing I had in mind when I began this painting was to use mostly warm colors. You will see that in my choice of reds, oranges, and yellows. I also included some blue and purple to add balance.

One thing I did enjoy about completing this painting was the brush strokes I was left with. I seem to enjoy the texture and movement they provide in a painting.

Another thing I enjoyed was the freedom to just paint and see what I ended up with. I tried to use various lines and include different directions. I am pleased with this end result!


Last up, my mixed medium painting. I completed the background with watercolor and then added the details with acrylic. IMG_2241

The inspiration for this painting was, I guess, myself. I began with my favorite colors as the background. Then, I added a heart which, I suppose, represents love. Along the side is a play on the rhythm of a heartbeat, signifying the steadiness and importance of love in life. Opposite of the heart is a sort of tornado. This could still be linked to the storm or (going deep, here) the troubles and confusion of life. Lastly, I added a faded lightening bolt (again, could be the storm or could signify the impact and strike of knowledge).

The background is not neat and tidy because, well, life is not neat and tidy. Sometimes, life is real messy. I think my painting says that yes, life gets messy but love and knowledge makes it worth the struggle. (Sorry to get all philosophical on you!)


On the agenda for next week is…more painting!

There is another art gallery coming to town that I am excited to check out! I’m thinking about  another abstract watercolor and maybe some text using acrylic. Also, I have an idea in the works for another attempt at alcohol ink.

Stay tuned! (I’ll try to keep it lighter next week!)



An Artist with Meaning Behind Her Art




6 thoughts on “New Style : ILP Update

  1. Cara,
    I can really see the difference in the cloud painting; the right side it calm & tranquil while the left looks dark & menacing. I’m not sure if I saw that storm, but the painting pretty much sums up how a Nebraska day looks like (and a storm). I love your other paintings as well! It’s fun to just try new things out and see the lovely result at the end!

  2. I really liked your use of color in your pieces! Are there any artists that you’re really inspired by right now or does the feel of the medium play a larger role in how you work with color and line?

  3. Cara, your paintings are wonderful!! I’m so glad that you enjoy painting so much. It makes the project way more fun, doesn’t it? I especially love the painting of the storms. This week was nuts here in Nebraska! I totally understand what you mean about the sky being split; it’s both scary and beautiful at the same time. I also completely understand watching the storm happening outside. I may or may not have been walking my dog when a storm happened this week. 😉 I hope this next week is just as great for you!

    • Thanks so much Regan! Enjoying the process truly does help the end product! This week was crazy! I love storms! And you can usually find me outside snapping pictures of the sky! I don’t even know the number of sky and cloud pictures I have!😬 Thanks for the read and comment!

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