New Attempts : ILP Update

I would say my ILP is coming along quite well.

This week I was able to view two new shows in a local art gallery, completed yet another attempt at alcohol ink (or my version of it), and completed both an acrylic and watercolor.

First of all, I really love visiting art galleries!

I just love to walk around and view the pieces while I speculate the inspiration behind them.

IMG_2288This week, a local gallery was housing two new shows. One was the Art Society of Ogallala. This is a group of artists who create in all art mediums, compile several pieces and take them on tour.

The second show was Association of Nebraska Art Clubs, Inc. Each year there are roughly 27 pieces selected from about 700 entries. The chosen pieces then travel the state for one year.

In the back of the gallery is a small courtyard. It is a beautiful, quiet space with a very neat windmill sculpture. Viewing the shows and all the art pieces was quite inspiring. It definitely was a great idea to go before I painted. I was creatively inspired!

Now, onto my alcohol ink.

This week, I tried a different material and method.IMG_2289 In the photo, you will see a wooden square. I applied the sharpie and then used a spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol. The colors blended and ran to cover the wood nicely.

I also found a porcelain cross at Hobby Lobby. This seemed to work better than wood (because the wood is more porous). The alcohol created a neat effect on the color when sprayed. I’m quite pleased with the way both the wooden square and cross turned out, however, the cross is my favorite.




I drive by a field everyday on my way home. In the field, there are hay-bales. This was my inspiration for my acrylic painting. I think it turned out pretty good.




IMG_2287Last week, I mentioned I’d like to try to include text in my painting. I did so with my watercolor this week.

I choose a nice subtle teal color with yellow and purple mixed in. I choose one of my favorite bible verses to put in my painting. I settled on Jeremiah 31:3. I love the power the verse conveys – an everlasting love. Wow!

My writing could have been better. I just free-handed it with tracing it beforehand. With more practice, I am confident I can improve.




Lastly, I have been wanting to incorporate newspaper clippings with watercolor for some time now. While looking through old newspapers, I found some great images from a story covering the burial ceremony of a soldiers’ remains which were recently recovered after having been lost for some time. There is little that compares to a military burial service. Such a great way to honor our fallen soldiers.


This week, I really enjoyed the pieces I created.  Looking back, I do see some improvement. I found myself paying attention to the small details in my art as well as other artists’ art I viewed in the gallery.

Looking forward to the remaining weeks, I think I will pick 2 or 3 of my favorite methods to focus on. I will continue to reflect and pick my choice techniques.



A Girl  Reflecting on Her Artistic Taste



4 thoughts on “New Attempts : ILP Update

  1. I agree with what Kaitlin said. That’s such a cool technique… kind of makes me want to try this at home! 🙂 I’m so glad that you have been enjoying your learning experience. Looks to me like you’ve got a knack for creating some really need things that you’ll be able to treasure for years to come and remember that learning!

    • Thanks Afton! If you do try it, I would suggest rubbing alcohol with as high of an isopropyl percentage as you can find ( I used 70% because I couldn’t ever find higher-91% is what I really wanted). I did have fun with my ILP. I love to be crafty! (: Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. I think that all of your painting are really neat! Especially the wooden square and porcelain cross that you sprayed with alcohol. I like the way that the colors spread and blended on those projects. It is awesome that you are trying so many things and incorporating things you’ve always wanted to try! Keep reflecting and getting more creative!

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