Digital Tool Production

This week, I have enjoyed digging into online creation tools. After reading the following article, Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva, I decided to give Canva a try. I choose Canva because the article said it was a good option for creating posters, which is what I was after.

Canva was really easy to use. There are tutorials available online but also upon signing up (for free!), it walks you through a few brief steps to get you familiar with the various aspects of the program. This was much appreciated as I had never heard of Canvas previously.

One thing that was challenging was figuring out which format to use. There are several different categories which have various dimensions and shapes. Some of those categories are social media, documents, blogging and eBooks, marketing materials, headers, events, and ads.

Once I picked which one I wanted (one called Presentations under the category of Documents) I had to start filling in the blanks. Another challenge I had was choosing images and backgrounds to include. The program offers a free variety of both, however, the selection is limited. Several times I would find an image I liked but would have to pay to include it in my creation.

Here is my finished creation: 03

I choose to include what I learned and my takeaways from painting, my ILP.

I found the great image on the left and put my biggest takeaway : Create. Throughout my ILP and this entire class, I have so enjoyed the challenges and adventures of learning to create. I included “Paint” since that is my ILP.

In the top middle, I included my favorite abstract piece with the word “abstract.” This was one of my favorites styles that I experimented with. There was so much freedom to use many colors and lines and shapes and patterns.


Photo CC By Jocelyn Durston

In the top right corner, I used a paint splatter. This symbolizes the freedom to go outside the lines and have fun. I also used the words “relax” and “express yourself” because this is what painting was for me. I also looked forward to painting because even though it technically was homework, it was a break for me. It was a chance to calm down and have fun.

The other three sayings were other things painting was for me. I enjoyed trying out so many different styles and techniques throughout my ILP. Some of them didn’t always turn out but I tried to remember to have fun with it. Over the course of my ILP, I discovered that I preferred watercolor over acrylic. “Paint your Style” represents my preferred style. Finally, “Be an Artist” speaks to my overall learning. Throughout this process, I have learned every artist is different and that’s part of what makes art so fun and interesting. Each piece is unique.

I could definitely see myself using Canva and other online creations in my classroom. If I had a good time creating with it, I am sure students would.

Students could create posters to accompany their presentations or reports. It is a great way to creatively and attractively organize information for others to see. For older students, it could be fun to have students create a poster showing classroom rules to display around the room. A great project to accompany rule review and a conversation starter for respect and positive relationships.

The eye is naturally drawn to color and I think Canva could be used to create classroom posters as well as students creations. Presenting information in this way could prove to be quite effective. I think students would much more prefer to get their information from neat, creative posters rather than plain posters. There most definitely is value in tools such as Canva.

It brings an added level to the table. Canva could really enrich the classroom.



A Girl Bringing Creativity into the Classroom




2 thoughts on “Digital Tool Production

  1. I used Canvas for my project as well. I also had trouble with the images and background part. To me, everything was a little confusing and overwhelming at first but I quickly got the hang of it. I really like your finished product! It looks very nice and I like the meaning behind each picture. I agree that Canvas would be a great tool to use in the classroom and would be fun for students to explore. I would probably use it quite often as well! Great post!

    • I really liked using it! It reminded me of the tool I used earlier, Pixteller. You could use an image or color for the background and then add words. You just couldn’t have any different formats. I think both are great tools to know how to use! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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