Teaching Metaphor – Being a Gardener

Teaching is a lot of different things.

The one metaphor which resonated with me the most was a gardener.

This digital story depicts what I hope to be and do as a teacher.


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A Teacher Sowing Seeds


14 thoughts on “Teaching Metaphor – Being a Gardener

  1. I really enjoyed your digital story, it was so upbeat and fun to watch! I also really like the metaphor you came up with, I had never considered teaching being like gardening, but you definitely convinced me. Great Job!

  2. Cara, this video is simply fantastic. It put a huge smile on my face!! I love the music and backgrounds that you chose. The bird chirping was also great. πŸ™‚ Loved the metaphor that you used. I hadn’t ever thought of it like that, but it definitely makes sense! Awesome job!!

  3. I had never heard of smilebox before I really liked the outcome of your video and think that I will explore this site as an option to place into my toolbox of supplies to use in the classroom. Thanks for the share!

    • I actually hadn’t before either, but I googled tools for digital storytelling and it came up. It was easy and I think the product looks more professional. Thanks for watching!

  4. This was adorable! I love it so much! The metaphor of teachers being gardeners is seriously perfect! I love the fact that you found a way to create a video representing your metaphor without needing to actually record yourself! Super creative! Great job! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Courtney! I thought the metaphor fit well. I tried other sites to create my story but didn’t like them as much as Smilebox. It was quite simple and fun! I did not actually avoid recording myself on purpose, I was willing haha. Thanks for watching! See ya in a few weeks! 😊

  5. I loved your digital story! Great work! I believe that an encouraging environment is VERY important also. I love connecting with my students and finding out about their learning styles and what I can do to help them find confidence and success as a student. You can tell that you are going to be an amazing teacher. Your compassion and sweetness shows through your blogs this semester.

    • Thanks so much Charity! Your classroom sounds awesome and like it is a great place for your students to learn and grow! Thanks for watching and for your kind words this semester! πŸ™‚

  6. Cara,
    Your video was very impressive and creative! Neat idea, I also like your choice for a metaphor, it’s perfect! We teachers really are a like gardeners; having to plant the seed, then nurture them and encourage growth, weed and care for them and so on, just like your video stated. What an excellent creative metaphor!
    Great job!

    • Thanks Skyler! I thought it was pretty fitting. Sometimes it take hard work to care for the seeds but it’s so worth it when you get to see the beautiful flower! Thanks for watching! (:

  7. This was so cute!! You are extremely creative, and I really hope you show your students that. I can really tell that you want what is best for the children and you will have a very positive learning environment. I really enjoyed your video! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! That is my goal, for my students to have an encouraging environment to love to learn in! I had fun making the video. It took me too long to figure out how to embed it but I finally got it haha. Thanks for watching! (:

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