Calling All Innovators

Attention Innovators:

Yes, you brave souls who are daring to do school differently. Those of you who are creating new, branching out, experimenting, and sharing ideas.


Photo CC By Tookapic

This is a call to you to help me.

Help me be a better innovator.

Currently, I am an innovative learner who has spent time creating and learning new things. I have discussed the non-traditional. I have learned in the way that works best for me thanks to a class and instructor who allows me room to do so. I have challenged my own thinking and hopefully the thinking of others. I have used new resources to create and complete tasks in a new way.

But help me be better.

Help me innovate the way a classroom looks. Let’s innovate the way we teach and learn. Let’s use technology to our advantage and not let the stereotype of trouble get in the way. Let’s encourage learning through play and exploration. Let’s get down and dirty for the sake of forming a connection. Let’s try new things because there’s a chance they just might work.

As George Couros said in “The Mindset of an Innovator“,

                      “I question thinking, challenge ideas, and do not accept                                                                                        “this is the way we have always done it” as an acceptable answer                                                              for our students or myself.”

In order to be the most effective innovator, though,  sometimes you have to unlearn.

Unlearn there is only one way to learn a concept. Unlearn technology is a nuisance. Unlearn social media is only for teenagers. Unlearn people can only connect with each other in person. Unlearn you’re too busy to learn something new.

Although I have innovated the way I learn and want to teach, I still have more to learn.

I want to learn  how to continually learn new things without being required to.

I want to learn how to help my students learn in the way that works best for them.

I want to learn how to better use technology. I’ve had a start but I want to go deeper.

I want to learn how digital tools can make my life easier, more fun, and more colorful.


Photo CC By Kaboompics

Throughout this class, I’ve been able to experiment with technology and what it has to offer.

Twitter is definitely one of the tools that I want to continue learning more about. I’ve learned so much already, not only about how to use it but also from those sharing ideas and thoughts. I will continue to use it to interact with my PLN.

The three other technology tools I see myself continuing to use include Pixteller, Canva, and Smilebox. The first two are great for creating posters and infographics. I can use them in my personal life but also use them in my classroom. Either could be an option for my students to create a presentation or create posters to hang in my classroom. Smilebox is fun. Its simple to create an attractive slideshow of pictures to tell about a trip or event.

In addition to learning new tools, I learned new things about myself.

I became willing to share my thoughts, ideas, and emotions through my bog posts and on Twitter.

I became willing to set aside several hours per week to learn a new tool.

I spent more time in this class than ever before reading articles about mostly education, not just required ones but also those I came across on Twitter.

I have come to love blogging. Something I was unsure about in the beginning but now look forward to continuing in my own classroom.

So now what?

This class is winding down and what will I do with the knowledge learned.

Well, armed with my new technology information and experiences, I will keep learning more. I will build on what I already have and adapt as needed. I will take everything into my classroom where it will hopefully help my students. I will continue to learn and connect with others who have knowledge to share. Most importantly, however, I will continue to learn. Not just because I want to but because I want my students to be life long learners and I want to model that.

To quote George Couros again,

                    “I model the learning and leadership I seek in others. I take risks and try new things                                     to develop and explore new opportunities…I believe that isolation is the                                             enemy of innovation, and I will learn from others to create better learning                                            opportunities for others and myself…I listen and learn from different                                                    perspectives, because I know we are much better together than                                                                we could ever be alone.”



A Slight Delayed Yet Heartfelt Learner Who is Still Learning


2 thoughts on “Calling All Innovators

  1. Cara,
    You have some amazing goals for yourself! The best thing about this though that you have an idea of how to do it! I myself have no clue yet and I’m still trying to come up with a way to better myself, but your post gave me some ideas! This class has taught us quite a few things and it has gotten me closer to learning more about technology and how to integrate it into the classroom. It was a joy reading your posts! I hope you continue after this class (:

    • Nancy, thank you so much! I may have some ideas but half the time Im scared to death. But I also think that’s what makes change and being different so fun and exciting! This class really has helped me in learning new things about tech, new tools, and connecting with people online. Thanks for always reading and commenting with kind words, I appreciate it! (:

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