Hey Strangers!

Hey ya’ll! It has been a while. The last time that I posted on here, I was still in school blogging about all things education.

Well, I have decided to change it up.

And a lot has happened since we last spoke. Let me catch you up.

In May of 2017, I moved back to my hometown.

In July of 2017, I became Auntie Cara for the first time. That little boy changed our family. He is so loved and brings so much joy!

In August of 2017, I began my semester of student teaching and last semester as a college student. I spent 8 weeks teaching an awesome group of 2nd graders. Then, I spent another 8 weeks teaching an equally as awesome group of 5th graders. I loved my time spent in the classroom and learned so much. I had great mentors and a supportive school.

In December of 2017, I completed my student teaching and classes and I graduated from Chadron State College with a BS in Elementary Education and a Supplemental Endorsement in Early Childhood Education.

In January of 2018, I found that my life was completely different from what I had been used to all my life. Suddenly, I didn’t have to work 7 days a week. I was no longer writing lesson plans and spending hours collecting ideas on Pinterest (Teachers, ya hear me?!) I had actual days off where sometimes I literally had no obligations for the day. After a couple weeks of boredom and feeling lost, I began to settle into a new routine. I work two part time jobs and manage to sub 1-3 days each week. (Sometime, I’ll have to write a post about subbing because you learn so many things about teaching when you walk into a classroom as a substitute teacher. )

It is now February of 2018 and I finally have a semi-regular routine. I have set days that I work at each job. Sometimes, I work 2 jobs a day but it keeps me busy.

I have now decided to get back to blogging. I hope you enjoy the new look and content of csanchezstories. I have a loose idea of what I want to share with you all so we will see where it takes us.



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